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A short presentation of Direct Travel @

The travel and tourism market today has a great competition in the world market. For this, è importante distinguersi e saper puntare sul rapporto qualità prezzo piuttosto che sulla quantità. We follow our customers and our partners from the first “percezione ” e scelta di vacanza, basandoci sulla nostra competenza e conoscenza diretta dei prodotti che proponiamo.

Direct@ Viaggi è un tour operator competente, prepared and dynamic that seeks the quality and satisfaction of customers and partners as the only finalization of its work. An informed and satisfied customer is the goal of our choices of facilities and services to be promoted and proposed..

This is Direct @ Travel, we like to compete with merit and fully satisfied customers of the booked stay. Our proposals have been selected to be up to the travelers who choose to entrust their holiday.

L’obiettivo of Direct @ Viaggi is to guide users towards a new way of perceiving their holidays. Grazie alle offerte proposte infatti, you can buy high quality products at competitive and affordable prices. Not the usual commercial, ma la rappresentazione ” matematica” del nostro operato quotidiano.

The Tour Operator, Furthermore, provides the structures with which it collaborates with the ANIMATION service, organized with its own operational network, and with specialized companies the selection and training of staff; thus managing to be a real “partner” for the tourist facilities where it operates. Direct @ Viaggi thus proposes economically advantageous stays in high-level structures managing to make your family's stay, compresi i vostri bambini, stimolante, unico, allegro e indimenticabile.

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